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Pixel Synergy & Forensics LLC

Pixel Synergy & Forensics LLC can help you reach your requirement goals for handling today's digital imaging and video file formats and associated metadata. If your still image or video requirements are to read, write, or display those assets using industry standard formats (e.g. Exif, JFIF, MOV, MP4, MJ2, AVI, etc) we are here to get you going in the correct direction. If there is a legal patent or litigation question, our experience with still and video cameras can assist you in those efforts.

Engineering Consulting Firm

Pixel Synergy & Forensics LLC, is an engineering consulting firm in Rochester NY that addresses display and viewing interoperability of still images and videos. We do this by using well defined file format implementations, compression knowledge, and metadata expertise. Today's digital camera systems require properly implemented image paths along with well defined containers to hold those pixels. The file format standards assume that the implementer is already well versed in the details of the file format and the compression technology leveraged. The expertise of this firm clarifies the implementation of the file format and specifies compression methods that are designed to do no harm to the pixels that are being compressed. While maintaining essential interoperability table-stakes, in a non destructive manner, we can add supplementary metadata properties not defined by the format. For example you could create metadata properties to identify the detected face locations and assigned names for those faces in an image or video frame.

15 Years of Success

Your in-house R&D and engineering groups are hard-pressed for resources and are pushed to realize demanding results, often times lacking the bandwidth to tackle the difficult task of defining the implementation of a still or video file format for their pixels. Rob Reisch, founder and lead analyst of Pixel Synergy & Forensics LLC, brings 15 years of success defining still and video file formats for Kodak's professional & consumer camera systems and products such as Picture CD.

Specializing in:

Forensics activities

Pixel Synergy and Forensics LLC can provide consulting support to legal teams addressing offensive and defensive litigation activities in the form of technical claim charts for still and video technology. This capability applies to virtually any manufactured camera model and is based on the in depth knowledge of the specifications and compression methods used by digital cameras to create the image or video file and store it on a memory card.