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Rob Reisch is the Founder and CEO of Pixel Synergy & Forensics LLC. For over fifteen years, he has been involved in R&D relating to the design and fabrication of image or video file formats and metadata. This expertise was used in Kodak's professional & consumer cameras and products such as Picture CD. He has also coauthored the chapter "Digital Camera Image Storage Formats" in the book "Single-Sensor Imaging: Methods and Applications for Digital Cameras" published in 2008. The detailed video file formats developed the best video quality and provided the broadest playable interoperability with cell phones, tablets, and PCs.

Rob Reisch

Rob has provided consulting support to legal teams addressing offensive and defensive litigation activities in the form of technical claim charts. In Europe this included the development of a detailed submission to the European Trade Commission explaining that downloaded videos cannot be played on a pocket video device. This technical report resulted in lower duty rates and a German court refunding $850,000.

Rob has provided professional or expert witness services for digital camera systems and the still or video technology they record. For example, he was able to tie a defendant's videos and still image files to a specific camera.

Rob has experience providing technical submissions to various industry technical committees including the European Trade Commission.